The art of making money online

While many have attempted to make money online, many have failed for lack of understanding. Understanding the simple truth that ignorance pays because lack thereof.

money pit

Money pit

Many programs promise you riches beyond compare, but few are able to deliver to the average folk. The latest craze involves the binary market trading, where by people invest on commodities and their price fluxuation. A particular program that comes to mind, is Cash Machines 2.0, and a review can be located here at Cash Machines 2.0 review. It seems like a very believable story, if you have never experienced reality (LOL). For some of you, it may become a trap, as with most online endeavors, to spend and over spend on dreams that may never come true. This so called “acting” may be a good starting point to knowing truth.

We will be continuing with more reviews on such programs in the near future.

There is no shortage of printed word

Age of the citizen journalist

tin foil crusaderEspecially in this day and age of the citizen journalist, there is no shortage of printed word regarding our current affairs, but despite the potential inherent in this situation to offer a challenge to it, there is still very much one driving news agenda – one which is controlled by the Establishment, what in these respects we could call the Mainstream Media (MSM), or, more pertinently, the corporate media. It means that as far as most citizens of the UK are concerned, the information that they consume is prepared and presented for the purposes of maintaining the primacy of the Establishment.

Unfortunately, at least in the UK, even with a sizeable internet blogging community, the Establishment’s death-hold cannot be challenged because so many accept the apparent supremacy of  its agenda rather than asserting their own. We often find ourselves reacting to events in the context in which they are prescribed for us by the Establishment. We often find ourselves trailing and analysing the Establishment’s relationship to its own perspective of reality (which will never be found to be incongruous) rather than asserting our own reality which they have to answer to.

The objective of this site is to encourage the change of attitude and approach that is most desperately required: to write and speak about current affairs from a different perspective as to that which is demanded by the MSM; to do it from an asserted and distinct fundamental political reality.

For instance, the MSM starts with a premise such as “MPs are honest” and it reports news stories based upon this perception. On one hand there is an element in this practise to do with the captivity of journalists to the pressure of the perceived reality as held by all involved in the making, interpreting and presenting of Establishment political information. There is a planetary-sized controlling mass that exerts a gravity and momentum that coerces even involuntary lesser bodies to comply rather than escape the influence. On the other hand, the pure-hearted should be repelled by a corrupt culture.

And then there is intentional dishonesty. There are many cases where it can be demonstrated that deliberate journalistic decisions are taken for the purposes of reinforcing the Establishment’s agenda, and too many to believe that it is not accidental, and that it is in fact institutional.

The effect is a distorted viewing glass which is cast upon all issues of import and non (whichever the MSM wants him to think are significant), and the world in the observer’s eye is built one shadow of reality upon another until he knows it in a completely different way than it actually exists. Viewing these virtual realities as if they were true. One such being Google, and their perceptive value they impose on others, can be read in this simplified Google sniper 2.0 review which exposes its affect on society and the fact that it’s a shoe in money review that they push upon us, and continue to have a grip on our virtual minds.

If we were treating reality as it existed, then the premise we would begin with is that “MPs are fundamentally dishonest”, and so we would then take the view, for instance, that the handful of MPs who were charged for expenses irregularities were scapegoats to divert a focus of analysis away from a question of what was tantamount to institutionalised robbery, the amorality of MPs, and therefore their unsuitability to make decisions and hold offices of power. Building on their premise, the MSM would instead state that it is natural that there should be a few bad apples in a barrel of good ones.